Dare to have a personal transformation paragliding through the sky of Jacó Beach, Costa Rica.


Our existence is like the water that flows continuously through all the corners of a river, whether between rock and rock or during the fall of a waterfall, the flowing or calmed water always advances without stopping. One of the key aspects in our lives is learning to face individually the continuous and unstoppable flow that brings with it changes, challenges, on many occasions satisfaction and in other difficulties.

But how to do it? There are many ways to work on what experts have named self- improvement, that process where we try to achieve self-realization. Today we want to tell you from our experience that paragliding is for Katto Sky Tours a vehicle for self- improvement.

The first thing to do when talking about self-improvement is to dream of those goals that you want to overcome. After this courage is required, there’s a certain value that pushes us to carry out what we set out to do, even when we move towards the unknown. For example, many will say to themselves: "I have never experienced the sensation of paragliding! Do I dare? Do I not dare? But I have always dreamed of feeling the freedom that birds feel when they fly freely through the sky. Why shouldn't I do it? I KNOW I CAN, I AM BRAVE AND I WANT IT!”. The trigger to have the personal courage to paraglide has been activated and nothing and no one will be able to prevent you from achieving this goal.

We are not lying to you, flying requires a great mental effort since it is about breaking, for example, the mental barriers that we have regarding what can or cannot be done at certain ages, or how far we can go with the physical state of our body, among other points. However, when all these challenges are overcome, anyone is capable of taking their feet off the ground and fly. Instantly something indescribable begins to appear: the central Pacific Ocean, the fauna and flora of the tropical forest, and the wind that surrounds the body. It is there when we know true freedom, empowerment floods ourselves and we feel capable of continuing this long path of life, where we must always live with transformation and growth.

Adrenaline is infused in everyone who completes the experience of paragliding with the courage to overcome challenges, no one lands as the same person, we assure you of that. In the mind, in the spirit and in the physical body many changes will take place. Conformity will no longer be a vocabulary word, if this goal has been achieved, why not continue with the other goals that are written on the list of things to accomplish? The motivation to achieve other new goals will lead the person to adopt new habits to continue transforming and creatively overcoming the events of life. That is why we invite you to dream, realize and fulfill your paragliding flight, at Katto Sky tours we help you to work on your personal development.

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